Salomon - Quartett

Have you ever played Quartet? You should definitely participate at the Salomon Quartet then!

How to take part:

The Rider’s Quartet starts with 4 teams, each consisting of 3 riders and one Salomon team captain. 

In order to participate in the quartet, an empty quartet card needs to be filled out with your own skills and handed in to the host. The lottery pot decides on the 9 selected riders, as well as the team constellations with their team captains. Thus, there is a chance for everyone to participate.

How it works:

Afterwards, the teams compete in 3 rounds on 3 different features against an opponent, who will also be picked randomly, in order to reach the final round.  Right before each duel, the teams have to hand over the card of one selected rider who will compete against the other team. Each rider can only compete once. 

With the victory of each battles the winner gets 50 EUR and the card of his opponent.

In the final round, the two teams with the most collected cards compete against each other. Since both teams have only one rider left in the last lap, the riders’ choices should be tactically picked wisely right from the beginning. 

The winning team of the Rider’s Quartet can look forward to a snowboard for each rider and even more cash on top. 


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