Battle with the DC Teamriders for 3.500€!

At this year's SuddenRush Stubai premiere, things will be heating up at the snow park. 
A total of 3.500€ will be at stake as you test your skill in the first ever DC Trick Lottery.  
So, it’ time to put it all on the line against the DC Team!

Anyone who owns a snowboard can take part in the DC Trick Lottery and throw their name into a lottery pot. 

How it works:

1) A contestants name is taken out of the lottery pot and announced.

2) The presenter spins The Wheel of Fortune to determine which trick needs to be performed by the two contestants.

3) You then go head-to-head against the chosen DC teamrider on the downrail in the snowpark.  
4) Four lottery names are chosen for each of the 6 rounds of competition. Good Luck!

The audience decides who wins and who loses.

The prize money increases after each round, which starts at 5€ and ends at 500€.
In short, you have the chance to bag a whole 500€ with just one trick. 

Sounds exciting? Are you ready? See us there!


- Meetingpoint: November 6th, 2021, 1p.m. snowpark 

- Snowboard only

- Registration: on site

- Costs: Participation is free

- Prizes: $$$